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Hey-O! I Have Not Died

Big Body Beautiful friends!


It’s been months and months since I’ve checked in with you and for that, I’m sorry. I’ve missed all of you so much and this, my beloved Bloggy, well, it’s been acutely painful to be away. Please know that I’m fine. Things have been nuts, however. In the past several months, these are some of the things that have happened in my life:

  • I got laid off from my full-time Senior Technical Writing job (of nearly five years). Boo!
  • I landed another Technical Writing job two weeks later (unheard of, I know!). Yay!
  • I now physically commute 8-12 hours per week to said new Technical Writing job (it’s in Scottsdale. I’m in Sedona, so two-hours each way). Ugh!
  • My hubby tried to win another seat to the World Series of Poker (it would have been his third time there), but sadly just got knocked out last night. Sad!
  • Due to my husband’s absence, I’ve been sole care-taker for our two sweet cats, sisters, who both have kidney disease. Even sadder!
  • We’ve been remodeling two houses, a rental that we are now selling and our current house that we still live in and want to scream from the noise, dirt, and mayhem. KMN!
  • I’ve written another 30K words in my SciFi novel. Yay!

I’ve got some great posts planned for you all soon and I hope, hope, hope that you all still love me enough to forgive the absence and drop your thoughts here, whatever they might be. Let’s get our Body-Love going again! What say ye?  ~Big Hugs from your Big Lizzy!